Circuit of electronic ignition TMCI1+

Electronic ignition for 2÷8 cylindrical motors. Detailed description of ignition can be found here. This type of ignition is no currently in production. Ignition were replaced by a new type called UIS, which is fully connector compatible (only for UIS configuration is needed a service SW Manager, for TMCI1+ configuration it were SW Monitor).

Basic features

  • Communication through RS-232 
  • Supplying voltage 24V+/-20%,  supplying current 200mA/1,5A (quiescent / service)
  • Number of coils 1-8
  • Output voltage 250-360V controllable
  • Adjustable pulse width and output energy
  • Number of teeth 1-200
  • 4x digital output
  • 4x digital input
  • 3x analog input - reset, crank (SW programmable Hall sensor unit / Induction sensor / Kotlin), detonating sensor
  • Supplying voltage for Hall sensor unit 5V,100mA
  • Supplying voltage for sensor Kotlin 24V,100mA
  • Test-mode, integrated tester (oscilloscope)
  • Measurement of detonation
  • Measurement of quality of spark - over


Process of signals

Ignition supports both double – sensor reading (gear ring rotating on motor rotation + "reset" thus reading of half - turn) and single – sensor reading (gear ring with "additional teeth", which is rotating on half - turn). From "reset" or additional teeth is winded the first cylinder burning, see picture:

Number of teeth in both variants is defined by parameter and is independent on cylinders count.

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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