Control system 852+

Control system determined for small co – generating units with asynchronous generator (in cooperation with NSU it is possible to use it for synchronous machines control).

Basic features

  • Control system 852+number of inputs 8 with line control and programmable polarity
  • number of outputs 16 including stepping motor control
  • measurement of temperature 3x (PT100, thermocouple type K and digital sensor)
  • measurement of power 4-kvadrant (simple - phase)
  • measurement of rotation
  • measurement of signal 0-20 mA (object consumption)
  • supply 10-33 VDC or 10-24 VAC
  • communication RS-232U (possibility of parallel connection of several control systems)
  • real time circuit, history backup, modem support
  • regulation of mixture on lambda sensor unit basis
  • under lighted LCD display, foil keyboard
Control systems, measurement, regulation
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