Data logger

Data logger serves for reading up to 64 both analog and binary values and theirs backup on memory medium. Equipment corresponds with 8 slots, which are possible to occupy by different types of cards according to required configuration. More about Data logger you can find here.

Basic features

  • Supply 230V AC
  • 8 slots for different types, usually with 8 input cards
  • RTC (real time circuit)
  • Slot for memory card CF (Compact Flash) with maximum size 2GB (FAT12, FAT16)
  • Backup of measured data into text file, that can be imported for example to Excel
  • Communication interface RS-232 (communication with PC) and RS-485 (CAN) for data logging by data line
  • Adjustable interval of sampling
  • Activation of "composed" record with pretriger during exceeding of comparing limit of any value
  • Indication of state and operation of Data logger by LED on front panel of equipment

Types of cards

Analog card

8x independent configurable input

(Pt100, 20mA, 50mA, 1V, 10V, potentiometer, measurement of frequency) 

Binary card

8x binary input with mutual ground

Indication of state by LED

Communication card

Communication interface RS-485 and CAN

Serves for reading data from other equipments

Supports for example reading data by ModBUS from gauge CVM (V,A,W,VA-meter) 

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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