Programmable generator (calibrator) 230V, 5A

GEN230-3u3i-X-ADE is highly accurate generator of AC Voltage 0÷260V (three phases) and AC current from 0÷6.5A (three phases) with the measurement of voltage, current and power. It serves as a network simulator and as calibrator of measurement devices. The device is controlled via a PC service program Manager.

Using a set of "alternative" parameters can simulate various failures on the network (short-term change of voltage, current, phase) and measure e.g. reaction time of  network protections.


Basic features

  • 16-bits DDS (16-bit D/A convertor of shape and 16-bit D/A convertor of magnitude)
  • Voltage generating range 0÷260V, setting step 0.01V (Iout=300mA, Pmax=78W)
  • Current generating range 0÷6.5A, setting step 0.0001A (Pmax=20W)
  • Accuracy of settings u(i) 0.1% from range
  • Accuracy of measuring u(i) 0.2% from range
  • Independent settings of phase in each channel, setting step 0.02°
  • Frequency range 30÷65Hz, setting step 0.001Hz
  • 10 sets of parameters
  • Possibility of a precise switch between two sets for the defined period count in a given phase
  • External jump executing, reaction time measurement
  • RS-232, RS-485 communications

Screenshots from service program

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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