Relevance of physical inputs and outputs is configurable. Algorithm of control system operates with logical inputs and outputs, by mapping it is defined relation between logical and physical inputs and outputs. Assigning physical inputs to logical inputs (logical outputs to physical outputs) is called mapping. In the right part of window of Mapping there are buttons for selection, if we require assign logical, analog, input or output signals. By one physical input can be controlled several logical inputs, logical signals can be permanently deactivated by adjustment to 0 (False) or permanently activated by adjustment to 1 (True). Analog inputs can remain disconnected (NC).
More about Mapping and Functions here.


By clicking on name of logical input (Logical inputs) or physical output (Physical outputs) in window of Mapping (I/O Mapp) of service program Manager it is displayed window with selection, where appropriate signal should be connected.


Signal can be connected also as inverted (Inverted).


For logical analog inputs can be in window of connection selection defined value limits (which value corresponds to minimum and maximum value of physical input).

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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