Service program Manager AP

ManagerAP is new service SW for our "AP" products (control systems, IO-modules, ignitions, voltage regulators, speed governors). ManagerAP is used for vizualization, configuration, parametrization and programming of internal PLC of our "AP" products. The new AP version brings (vompared to older version) increasing of capabilities and comfort. The main differences are: 

  • Imediate detection of all conected devices and IO modules (does not search sequentially each device on the specified address as the Manager before, it is not even necessary to know the device address).
  • Clear database of installation in the drop down tree include the list of devices in each site. 
  • Opportunity to join by one program simultaneously to any number of installations and its devices (eg. simultaneous display and parameters of various units)
  • Integrated dispatching
  • New mapping signals (easy signal mapping not only to the physical terminals of device, but also to signals from multiple external I/O modules or surrounding devices connected via RS-485)
  • New features configurable logic (up to 4-input and 2-outpus blocks, PD and PID controllers, control blocks 3-way valves, etc.)
  • State history of all values with pretrigger (before error also store last 4min of run per 5s)
  • New graphs that integrate into one disllay online and retrieved information signals read from the history (it will be monitored and measured waveforms of signals before connecting to the unit)
  • With a common language database for parameters, menu texts, status, names of variables and so on (and used a Unicode coding) is possible completely translate SW into any language including national characters (currently available English, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian).
  • Monitor window (device details) is user configurable - basic scheme of unit can be adjusted by user (background bitmap, measured values)
  • ... and much more ...

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 Printscreen from ManagerAP :

Window of Monitor is possible to configure by user way, is possible to adjust the screen depend on site specifics

Device parameters are divided to the groups, at the parameters window bottom is the field for parameters filter (e.g. if "Mix" etnered here, only parameters about Mixture regulation will be vidible). Some parameters are supplemented by by more specific picture.

At the fours schematics sheets is possible (using graphic editor) create user functions (PLC). Blocks is possible involved in the cascade using "Aux" signals.

Units state monitoring is possible using dispatching. By after click on the specific unit at the map, program will automatically connect to the unit.

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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