TEDOM Microcogeneration Controls

Between the years 2008 and 2009, our company developed a tailored control system for TEDOM cogeneration units of lower performance with synchronous or asynchronous generator.

The electronic controls include the terminal (a control panel with a 320x240 pt color touchscreen) and the distributor motherboard. The distributor motherboard integrates all the electronic devices the cogeneration unit requires (including network protection, ignition, and performance electronic equipment to replace the relays).

The touchscreen display renders the unit controls user-friendly and interactive, as the number and functions of the virtual "control keys" change as necessary. The terminal is also fitted with an integrated Internet bridge for remote monitoring of the unit. The terminal uses the  RS-485 interface for communication with the motherboard.

Apart from the standard control and protection algorithms, the motherboard also has integrated advanced diagnostic functions. These not only allow the unit to provide closer specification of the defect to the operator, they also enable defect prevention or notify the operator of potential danger.

The motherboard is fitted with 28 analog inputs, binary inputs and outputs, 23 performance switching elements, network and generator voltage monitor, current and performance measurement, output ports for the stepper motor, several information exchange ports, as well as with many other inputs and outputs (e.g., for the ignition subsystem).

Similar to other UNIMA-KS control systems, the inputs and outputs may be configured via mapping, and the special functions allow the operator to generate private, complementary algorithms.

The vast storage capacity of operation history allows for retroactive reading of all measured parameters in five-second steps for several days or 10-hour average values for several years.

Controller Terminal Screenshot

The main screen shows only basic information. The operator may easily change the parameters to be displayed by clicking the relevant parameter or thermometer panel (as per the settings); they may click the performance panel to select the required performance, and many, many more.

The visual display unit also includes a simple terminal for easy setting of the integrated Internet connection


... and other functions, for example, touchpad calibration for more precise handling …

The visual display unit also includes a simple terminal for easy setting of the integrated Internet connection

Thanks to touchscreen display is also very easy parameters browse and selection. By touch and next dragging you can scroll list in requested direction.

Dragging duration correspond to scroll rows count.


You can scroll list also by click on left arrows on the first and last row.

Parameter value edit is simple by dragging horizontally on selected line.

Service Software  Screenshot

Except CHP controll can control system drive all heat engineering of your house:

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