Network system protection – NSU

Network system protection NSU serves for network protection against undesirable effects of power sources connected to network. NSU serves also for protection of equipments connected to network, that are sensitive to change of supply network state. NSU evaluates not only voltage, frequency and phase of unit voltages, but also measures current, active power and reactive power.

Basic features – list of protection types:

  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Peak load protection
  • Amplitude drop protection
  • Voltage unbalance protection
  • Over current protection
  • Current unbalance protection
  • Under frequency protection
  • Over frequency protection
  • Phase rotating protection
  • Vector protection

Other functions:

  • Selectable signalization by 4 relay, 4 binary outputs and / or 4 Led
  • 3 analog outputs +/-20mA, +/-10V- communications with PC through RS232, another equipment through RS485- Measurement of active, reactive power – Possibility to control process of generator phasing to network
  • Supply 230V +/- 20% AC and 12 to 33V DC

Screenshots from service SW



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