Overview of control systems in AP version

In following table is possible to find controllers in "AP" firmware version only. For configuration of this CU is required service SW ManagerAP (not older Manager):

BI BO AI AO U/I Display IB RPM WW KM Communication
MicroGEN 10 10 8 2+1 6/3 128x64 No Yes 05) No 2321),4852) more...
UniGEN 16 16 14 1+2 6/6 240x180 Yes Yes 1 Yes 2321),4852),4854),CAN more...
MiniGEN 16 20 23 0+2 6/6 External No Yes 2 Yes 2321),4852),4854),CAN

1) Configuracion and monitoring by service SW ManagerAP
2) Connection to other modules UNIMA-KS (Unima-BUS)
4) ModBUS
5) Woodward actuator is possible to control by analog signal or using PWM signal ol BO15(16) without feedback 
+1 ... next analog output -10÷10V for voltage regulator (galvanic separated)
+2 ... next two analog outputs -10÷10V for voltage regulator (galvanic separated) and speed regulator
6/3 ... only 3 currents measurement (generator), so generator active and reactive power
6/6 ... 6 currents measurement (generator and mains), so generator and mains active and reactive power
IB ... integrated internet-bridge

All controllers of AP version contains integrated mains protection and is easy possible to extend by next inputs and outputs by external modules. There is available  firmware for the management of cogeneration units, small hydropower, collaboration with TEM control system, firmware for phasing.

MicroGEN: User Manual, Specification
UniGEN: User Manual, Specification


Control systems, measurement, regulation
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