Programmable 6(3) phase generator U(I)

Generator of alternating voltage 40÷450V (in six phases) and alternating current 0÷5A (in three phases) with measurement of both voltage and current. Serves as simulator of network voltage and generator. Triplet of voltage and current is possible to adjust by operating elements on equipment (or by service program Manager), next triplet is possible to control (voltage, frequency) by binary (analog) inputs.

By set of "alternative" parameters it is possible to simulate different stepping supply failures (short term change of voltage, current, phase) and measure reactive time of network protection. Generator can be used also for example for simulation of phasing.

Equipment is delivered in two variants (table laboratory, compact suitcase)

Basic features

  • Range of voltage 40÷450V
  • Range of current 0÷5A
  • Selection of frequency of generator in range 40÷60Hz
  • Two sets of parameters for change of parameters to defined period of time
  • Independent adjustment of amplitude U1÷U3
  • Independent adjustment of amplitude I1÷I3 
  • Independent adjustment of phase U1÷U3
  • Independent adjustment of phase I1÷I3
  • Mutual offset of phase of all three currents
  • Commutation of current direction (offset of 180°)
  • Selectable phase U1, in which is switched to alternative set of parameters
  • Selectable time of duration of alternative parameters
  • Direct  / alternative current mode
  • Measurement of voltage (phase or compound)
  • Measurement of current
  • Measurement of reactive time of protection

Table laboratory performance of equipment

Compact suitcase performance


Control systems, measurement, regulation
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