Regulator of rotation USC (SpeedCON)

Digital PID regulator of motor rotation. Supports binary fuel system, several sets of PID parameters, correcting unit Woodward or Heinzmann. Big spectrum of parameters for regulator conformity of given installation. Detailed description of rotation regulator you can find here.

Basic features

  • Measurement and regulation of rotation of machine units
  • 4x binary input
  • 4x binary output
  • configurable mapping of inputs and outputs
  • Wide range of supplying voltage 10÷33V DC
  • Communication RS-232 (diagnostics and adjustment by service program Manager), RS-485 (control of regulator over data line, cooperation with control system UniGEN and ignition UIS)
  • Analog input / output for control of correcting unit Heinzmann
  • Analog input / PWM output for control of correcting unit Woodward
  • Analog input 0÷20mA (0÷1V, 0÷256ohm) for control of required rotation (possibility to control also over data line by RS-485 for example by control system UniGEN)


Screenshot with service program

Regulator of engine rotation

Control systems, measurement, regulation
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