Voltage regulator UVR (Unima Voltage Regulator)

Digital PID regulator of synchronous generator exciting (generator output voltage regulation, power-factor regulation). Big spectrum of parameters for regulator conformity of given installation. Detailed description can be found here.

Basic features

  • Measuring and regulation of generator voltage
  • Measuring of generator current (power-factor automatic control)
  • 4x binary input
  • 4x binary output
  • 1x analog input -5÷5V (0÷10V)
  • Current output 0÷7.5A for exciting
  • Configurable mapping of inputs and outputs
  • Wide range of supplying voltage
  • Communication RS-232 (diagnostics and adjustment by service program Manager), RS-485 (control of regulator over data line, cooperation with control system UniGEN) , CAN


Screenshots with service program


Control systems, measurement, regulation
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