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Dispatching control module (Bridge-104)

Every electricity producer with an installed capacity of more than 100 kW must be equipped with a device enabling dispatch control.
Bridge-104 is a RTU unit by UNIMA-KS used to control the power of the source by the distribution network using the GSM / GPRS network and sending basic information about the source (active power, reactive power, voltage, currents, temperature, wind speed, exposure, etc.) back to the distribution network dispatching.
This unit is designed for cooperation with UNIMA-KS devices (control systems, network protections, etc.) from which it reads the necessary information via the RS-485 communication interface (it is therefore not necessary to install additional power measurements) and through which it also writes to the control system a maximum permitted active power or required power factor. In the case of cooperation with UNIMA-KS devices, it is de facto only a configurable RS-485 converter to the IEC 60870-5-104 communication protocol.
In case of connection to other devices, the information that must be sent to the control room can be brought to the Bridge-104 using current signals 0-20mA.

Basic features

  • Wide range power supply 10 ÷ 33DC or 8 ÷ 24AC
  • Compact dimensions (DIN rail installation)
  • 4x analog input -20 ÷ 20mA
  • 8x binary input
  • 8x binary output
  • RS-485 communication interface (UnimaBUS) for reading measured quantities and writing P, Q control
  • Communication interface with IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.
  • Functions (PLC) for easy creation of user algorithms
  • Configuration of IEC 60870-5-104 protocol quantities and commands (IEC addresses, deviations for spontaneous transmission, etc.)
  • Monitoring of communication with the control room
  • It is possible to send quantities connected to analog (binary) inputs Bridge-104 or quantities generated by internal PLC
  • It is possible to send any analog (binary) quantities from another UNIMA-KS device or from an analog (binary) expansion card