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Regulator of rotation of propeller plane Propeller

In the year 2006 our company on demand developed regulator for rotation control of propeller plane. Regulator operates tilt of propeller shaft and by change of resistance controls rotation of motor. It is realized in compact aluminum performance into plane instrument board. It enables both manual and automatic mode, detects shortage or disconnection of operating motor, and supports adjustment of parameters according to password level.

Thanks to feedback from the propellers manufacturer, and also because of perceptions of the pilots, we can still improve this unit:
2008 - OLED display replaced by a larger (better visible in the sun) LCD one.
2010 - additional parameters to customize the control (two-stage control), LED brightness control, selectable display language,  selectable option to fast enter of takeoff and cruise speed by right switch, the extension of diagnostic communications connector
2012 - regulator supplemented by phototransistor for sensing light intensity dashboard aircraft. Based on the lighting controller automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs and the display brightness. In the dark light (especially LED) do not glare and in full sun are visible. The parameters can be set up brightness for day and for night.
2018 - the controller can optionally contain a datalogger (flight parameters logger)
2018 - the display can optionally show real time, on-board voltage or current to the propeller control motor

Diagnostic SW

Using a special communication adapter may be newer types of controllers connected to a PC and using the service program Manager able to do diagnose of the controller. Can be monitored the speed, the control signal to the propeller motor, the average and peak current of the motor, voltage and other conditions (open circuit, short circuit, stops, etc.). Stages of regulation can be monitored by "oscilloscope" record, all sensed signals can bring in a chart or log to a file.

In addition to monitoring can be easily (and faster than the display device) set all the parameters. Groups of parameters for different types of aircraft can be stored (read) from (to) files for quick configuration of the device.


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