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Control system 900 (901)

Cheap universal control system with graphic display 128x64 for comfort control of simple systems. Algorithm is possible to develop on demand "firmed up" due wish, or it is possible to develop it on custom level and adjust by functions. Inputs and outputs of control system are configurable by mapping. Control system is possible to monitor, calibrate, program and develop algorithm after its connection to PC by program Manager.

Resistant mechanical performance in metal box, sizes of control systems are 180x145 mm (front panel), depth 55mm, assembly hole 170x139 mm. Control system operates in operating conditions to 60°C.

Big graphic display enables overview representation of measured values, system state, mode etc.

Parameters are able to adjust not only by service SW „Manager“, but also directly from keyboard of control system, for access to parameters it is possible to define several levels of passwords (customer, service…)

Basic features:


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