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History of company

Company was established in the year 1995. Company was gradually concerned on different sections of electronic starting from measurement equipments controlled by computer, computer cards, control systems (industrial electronics), visual software and simple NC machines.


In present time we offer not only spectrum of produced products, but also development of processor systems on demand with high resistance against EMC disturbance. Those systems are equipped by foil keyboard, LCD display (alphanumeric, graphic or touch-screen), real time, digital setup of parameters, digital calibration, possibility to adjust algorithms on custom level, connection of control system through RS-232 (RS-485, USB, Ethernet) to PC, backup of malfunctions and operating states to history, possibility to develop governing systems for control of several units, logic inputs and logic outputs, measurement of analog values, communication by CAN or ModBUS. Number of digital inputs and outputs, number of analog values is adjusted according to customer requirements. Field of our interest is not only control systems, but also small electronic circuits, which are designed according to customer requirements.

As for our design activity we can improve enriched experience from more than 15 year existence of company in control system field delivered to co – generation units e.g. of company TEDOM or NRG, but also other applications for industry and training measurement systems.