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Control system for ORC units

In 2016, we completed the firmware for UniGEN control system, which is specially adapted to control ORC units. ORC unit produces electrical energy from the difference in heating and cooling water.

Principle ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) is based on the turbine generator operating as a normal steam turbine converting thermal energy into mechanical energy and finally into electrical energy using an electrical generator. Instead of using steam ORC system vaporizes an organic liquid that is characterized by significantly lower evaporation temperature and therefore can be deployed to recycle heat energy of lower temperatures.

The control system is taken over many of the basic features of the standard version of the firmware (network protection, phasing, speed control, power control, direct control of the generator voltage regulator, control the power factor etc.) and added protection and specialized control algorithms to control the ORC unit. Just as in the standard version of the firmware it is possible here at the user level to expand algorithms using functions (PLC). Using RS-232 or the integrated Ethernet connection, it is possible to monitor the status of the unit (from anywhere via the Internet) via service program ManagerAP. The failure of the ORC system may inform the operator via SMS (GSM modem connection). Using other communication channels (CAN, RS-485, Modbus) can transmit information to the "control room" or connected expansion modules. Using the dispatcher can monitor the operation of multiple control systems.


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