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Measurement equipment UNIMA KS VF wobbler

Basic features:

Measurement equipment functions for measurement of frequency characteristics in zone 1MHz-1GHz. Equipment communicates with computer compatible with IBM PC-AT through special ISA card, that galvanic – separates equipment from computer. Equipment is possible to connect to parallel port by special reduction (possibility of connection to notebook). As well by use of reduction, equipment remains galvanic – separated from computer.

Minimum recommended configuration of PC is AT386 (operating although on 286) with 1MB RAM, VGA card and mouse. Service program operate in common setting of operating system MS-DOS, without any significant requirements on operating memory or hard disc capacity (possible to run from FDD). Program is possible to easy and intuitively control by mouse or by hotkeys. Equipment does not include any mechanical control units, all functions are program controlled. It is possible to save measured characteristics to hard disc or print on connected printer.

Contrary to classic analog equipment UNIMA-KS enables calibration of dependency of attenuator damping to voltage and dependency of frequency on driving voltage. Control program automatically compensates unlinearity according to measured features, therewith it is secured high accuracy primarily on frequency axis. Thanks to connection to PC it is possible to compensate corrugation of incoming cables. Manufacturer provides accurate calibration of sensor unit. It is easy to admeasure value of dB and frequency by mouse.

Other functions of equipment:


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