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Control system MicroGEN AP

Small control system for co–generating units and other motor–generator sets with graphic display 128x64 points, wide possibilities of control, communication and configurability.

It supports all modes of cooperation with network P (parallel), I (island), E (emergency), P+I, P+E, separation of active power (in mode P) and both active and reactive powers (in mode I) between several machines without necessity of governing control system. It enables both manual and automatic mode of control, copying of object consumption etc.

Firmware of control systems includes complete algorithms for control of co-generatinng (control of operation parameters, regulation, phasing, back phasing). Algorithms of control systems are possible to adjust on custom level by functions according to installation specifications. By mapping it is possible to configure both analog and binary inputs and outputs. Control system is possible to monitor, calibrate, program and develop single adjustments in algorithm after its connection to PC by program ManagerAP.

Basic features:


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