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TEM communication interface (Bridge-TEM)

It is used to read data and status from the TEM Evo control system (hereinafter referred to as CU TEM) to the UniGEN-TEM control system (UniGEN control system specially adapted for cooperation with the TEM management system) where the measured data can be visualized, processed or transmitted using ModBUS. Data downloaded to the UniGEN control system can be viewed by ManagerAP (on-site or remotely over the Internet) without the need for any USB key. Thus, ManagerAP can display not only the electrical parameters of the unit (voltage, currents, active and reactive power), but also information about the engine (temperatures, pressures, etc.)
With Bridge-TEM it is also possible to connect with JView to CU TEM over the Internet and to monitor, parameterize or download the history of the CU TEM as well as locally connected to CU TEM on installation (requires a USB key connection). 

Detailed specification here.


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