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Circuit of electronic ignition OEZ4 (OEZ43)

Electronic ignition OEZ4 (OEZ43) is determined for small four (three) cylinder motors without necessity to change set pre – ignition during motor operation (thus is fixed by DIP-switch) Detailed description of ignition OEZ43 can be found here.
Variant OEZ4 is determined only for four cylinder Elektronické zapalování OEZ4 motors and has selectable re - phasing of outputs of 180°. As for variant OEZ43 it is possible to select number of cylinders of motor (4,3). We offer also ignition variant OEZ43VW determined for coils Bremi with integrated switch).

Basic features:

Process of signals

Ignition OEZ4 (OEZ43 as 4 - cylinders)

For diagnostic purposes it is possible to deliver also tester of ignition, by which it is able to verify input signals partly by "oscilloscope" and by which it is also possible to simulate control signals.


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