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Control unit for TEDOM motors

In the year 2003 former "motor - company" Liaz in Jablonec became a part of holding TEDOM s.r.o. Our company is developing since 2004 in cooperation with company TEDOM control unit Motor - management for stationary machines with TEDOM motors.

Motor - management is control unit produced on demand and determined for stationary machines with TEDOM motors. Unit ensures complex control of motor, regulation of rotation, regulation of mixture for different types of fuel mixtures, checking of all operating parameters of motor. Thanks to configurable functions it is possible to easy adapt units to requirements of given installation. Thanks to its communicating possibilities (RS-232, RS-485, CAN) it is possible to connect it to other systems.

Control unit Motor - management together with control system UniGen and ignition TMCI2 forms entire necessary electronic equipment for co - generating units. Thanks to data connection and mutual cooperation of these equipments is control of machine very comfort.


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