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New IO expansion modules in AP version

Since the turn of the year 2013/2014 we offer the new expansion modules for control systems and other equipment AP version .
There are 8-inputs expansion modules of binary inputs and outputs (each pin is independently configurable as input or output) , as well as 8-input analog modules (each pin is independently configurable to 20mA, 10V, 1V, 50 mV , Pt100 , Pt1000 , potentiometer 100ohm ) and 8-output analog modules (10V ) .
The modules are designed to IP20 DIN rail (compared to the original more compact modules) and recently also in IP67 for mounting outside switch-box .
All modules are integrated PLC (gates, analog blocks , PD and PID controllers , etc.) with which you can create custom algorithms directly in the modules without the participation of the control system . AP firmware version supports easy data exchange between modules and control systems via RS - 485 interface. By linking multiple modules you can realize simple control without a keyboard and display.

New control System MicroGEN

The new control system MicroGEN for the management of small cogeneration units and other gensets up to 50kW. MicroGEN create cost-effective alternative to an already proven control system UniGEN for smaller gensets. By data communication is possible connect to this control system our other products (speed controller, voltage regulator, ignition, expansion modules). When using the Woodward actuator is able to regulate the speed itself and replace other speed governor. The new "AP" version brings new possibilities in configuration and functions (control block for 3-way valves, PID controller, etc.)

New inductive ignition UIS1

At the end of 2011 we completed a new inductive electronic ignition UIS1 for smaller 3÷8 cylinder engines. UIS1 is the successor of the ignition OEZ4 and OEZ43, combines both types of ignition and unlike his predecessors (except of course the higher the number of outputs) is also equipped with a communication interface RS-232 and RS-485 for parameterization and diagnostics option, adjustable charging time, preignition control options e.t.c. For the 3(4) cylinder engines also allows dual operation mode (two coils per cylinder).


New ignition UIS4 for 6÷24 cylinder engines

In mid of 2011, we completed new electronic ignition UIS4 for 6÷24 cylinder engines. When the number of cylinders is up to 12, the ignition can operated in dual mode (two independent voltage sources for the two plugs per cylinder). Design and control of ignition is similar to the proven type UIS2.

Programmable generator (calibrator) 230V, 5A

GEN230-3u3i-X-ADE is highly accurate generator of AC Voltage 0÷260V (three phases) and AC current from 0÷6.5A (three phases) with the measurement of voltage, current and power. It serves as a network simulator and as calibrator of measurement devices. The device is controlled via a PC service program Manager.


Digital PID regulator of generator voltage

At the begin of the year 2011 we finished tests and have placed on the market PID regulator of synchronous generator voltage. UVR (Unima voltage regulator) is another addition to the family of components for management of cogeneration units. These components (control system UniGEN, USC speed governor, voltage regulator UVR and ignition UIS) communicate with each other over a data line and can be monitored and all parameters set by one service program through a single connection (eg internet-based bridge management system). UVR supports the control via binary signals, analog signal, data over RS-485 or CAN. Furthermore, with the measurement of the current generator allows for automatic power factor control in parallel mode operation.

The First UNIMA-KS Key-less Control System

Between the years 2008 and 2009, our company developed a tailored control system for low-power cogeneration units. The terminal of this control system includes a color touchscreen which makes controlling the unit very user-friendly and interactive, as the number and functions of the virtual "control keys" change as necessary. The terminal may be used for visualization and control of other products from our range that use the RS-485 interface, as well as for connecting these units to the Internet via the integrated Internet bridge support. Find out more about the CS Micro

Durable UniGEN Control Systems

All implementations of the UniGEN control system, both in the country and abroad, have provided the clients with reliable and failure-free operation (except for one minor defect at the display connection which did not affect the operation of the system). For instance, control systems installed in Latvia have now exceeded a total of 100,000 machine hours of defect-free operation. As of now, we are preparing other four control systems for installations with wood gas engines, which is a domain where our control systems have already proven as reliable.

New Control System UniGEN

During the year 2008 we have placed on the market new big control system UniGEN for control of combined heat and power units and other motor – generator machine units. Control system integrates many important functions and it is able to substitute other control systems requiring connection of many additional modules. By data communication it is possible to connect to this control system other of our products (rotation regulator, ignition regulator) and simplify and improve the quality of mutual cooperation (including adjustment of parameters of attached equipment directly by UniGEN keyboard). more

Programmable 6(3) Phase Generator U (I)

Later this year, our company presented compact "suitcase" variation of generator of a. c. voltage 40÷450V and a. c. current 0÷5A. Generator performs not only for network voltage simulation, but it is applicable for protection testing, phase simulation etc. By set of alternative parameters it is possible to simulate different power losses. Generated voltage is back measured (voltage by phase or by compound). We produce generator as well as in laboratory table design.


Control systems, measurement, regulation
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